My Antivirus and Security Software Won't Get Rid of the Redirect Virus PDF Print E-mail

"My Antivirus and Security software won't get rid of the Browser Redirect Virus!"

This is a statement we have all read time and time again in countless comments and on support forums. You have spent good money on software to protect your computer from malware and viruses yet you still fall victim to the redirect virus. What Gives?

It's not your fault!

Unfortunately the redirect virus was designed to evade the very security measures you were probably advised to take. The hijack virus is a very advanced mini application whose attacks are multi-tiered. It is activated with no help from other applications. It then makes its changes to your computers Windows settings and register files and then disguises itself as a file that should be present on your computer. Not only does it disguise itself, it hides where your anti-virus program won't even look. The only way to be 100% sure you have removed the browser redirect virus is to use a program specifically designed to deal with it.

Often times the hijack virus will send you to websites where malware exists. You will then have spyware or other hideous malware installed on your computer. Your antivirus software may detect this malicious code and remove it. Unfortunately the root redirect virus still remains hidden and undetected on your computer. In a matter of time the browser virus will become active again and start the process of redirecting you to unwanted ad sites and malicious code sites all over again. The permanent removal of this virus must be obtained to stop this cycle. This is only obtained through a multi pronged approach.

Fortunately for us there is a program available to remove this menacing virus permanently. This solution was designed by a veteran computer technician whose computer was infected with the browser virus. He has created a program with a multi prong approach to removing the virus. This is the only way to be sure you have permanently removed this browser hijacker. His program not only permanently removes the Google redirect virus, it guarantees it 100%,or your money back. You won't get that guarantee or any guarantee from one of these internet "Gurus" claiming to have all the answers.

Take it from a guy who tried to save money and followed a few of these unqualified "Gurus" down a deadend street. I saved neither time nor money. I ended up right where I stared minus a lot of personal time and a great deal of hair.