Why Should You Install Antivirus in Your Computer? PDF Print E-mail

Nobody can live without the internet these days. It has become a very important part of our daily lives for many reasons such as social networking, researching for studies, fun and games. We cannot let go of these reasons easily and therefore it is very important to keep your personal computer healthy and clean. What corrupts your computer? Yes the answer is computer viruses. The internet, these days is becoming the home for so many viruses that can ruin your computer completely which is followed by the whole drama of formatting, rebooting, etc. Having an antivirus installed in your computer is the best and perhaps the most effective solution to keep your PC virus free.

Now, there are a lot of anti viruses that you can buy or get for free these days. But the trick lies in getting the latest ones because the viruses keep updating and therefore you need the latest antivirus to combat with these viruses. You have a very serious decision to make as many companies are advertising and marketing their product with such intensity that you might get confused.

An antivirus is a program that works with the basic principle of scanning all the files in your computer for viruses and other malware and then removing the viruses. The software that works within any antivirus are programmed in a specific way. Firstly it uses a Virus dictionary that checks all the files in your computer for any possible viruses. Secondly it detects any fishy malware or anything dubious in your computer that might be sporting some virus.

Another really good reason to have a great antivirus for your computer is to defend your account from hackers. Hackers are those computer savvy guys who have the ability to infiltrate personal information like credit card info, banking accounts etc from your personal computer. They can use this information to further create problems for you by making illegal transactions and using your account for other illegal things. Getting someone's financial information to steal or crack might not be the only reason for hacking. They might just be having a little fun. An antivirus program helps your computer by protecting against these hackers taking over your accounts.

Some antiviruses can be really expensive but there is also a wide range of antivirus programs that you can just download for free. Select the best antivirus that can keep your computer healthy and virus free.