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The internet can be an amazing and incredibly beneficial resource that allows you to collect massive amounts of information, and distribute other information, quickly and easily. It can allow communication between people on opposite sides of the world in mere seconds, and has brought the entire population of the world closer together. Unfortunately, the internet can also be a scary, dangerous place. Wherever there is transfer of information, mass communication and commerce, there are unscrupulous people that will take advantage of the situation for their own personal gain. These people can destroy systems and steal very sensitive information without you ever knowing that they have gotten near you. You have no idea anything has happened until you have already been harmed. To prevent this, manufacturers created internet security software.

What is Internet Security?

Internet security software was created to act as a defense for you and your computer from the harm of predators working through online venues. These predators may create malignant programs referred to as viruses that are meant solely to damage the operating systems and corrupt the files of others' computers, or steal your information. Internet security suites are comprehensive security programs that are designed to identify the potential risks to your computer and personal security and neutralize them before they can cause harm.

Why is it Important?

Often the information you use on the internet is extremely sensitive and personal. You make purchases using financial information such as credit card numbers and authorization codes, sign up for deposits using bank account numbers and routing numbers, fill out demographic forms with your social security information, or post details of purchases and plans in public forums. Even though you may feel that these items are safe because they are being done virtually, they can actually be less safe than face-to-face interactions. This is because internet predators can use spyware programs that will secretly infiltrate your system and steal this exceptionally classified information. It can then be used to steal your identity, create new credit accounts in your name, empty your bank accounts, or otherwise harm you personally. Internet security software prevents this from happening by identifying spyware and destroying it.

Other forms of dangerous malware include viruses, which are threats created specifically for the purpose of causing widespread harm. These programs can be downloaded onto your computer completely without your knowledge. The creators can attach it to an innocent-looking email, often one with an email address that you recognize but that has actually been stolen and is being used as a disguise. They can also get into your computer through websites, false system update warnings and other paths. These viruses can then crash your computer, often irreversibly. Security software programs identify these dangers and block them before they can cause any problems to your computer.

Features of Internet Security Software

Internet security software programs generally feature several different subprograms that protect your computer from different angles.

Antivirus programs specifically monitor your system for suspicious programs that could be malignant, investigate them, and destroy them if necessary. This can not only protect your computer from harm but prevent the virus from using your email address to send the virus to your contacts.

Antispyware programs identify programs that are attempting to steal your personal information and block them. They also defend your information as it is being transferred so spyware programs can't find it in the first place.

Firewalls keep any communication made between your computer and others secure. This way no others will have access to what you are saying or receiving and it cannot be used in harmful ways.