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Some rules are Golden, not to ever be forgotten because they always apply. Always to get used and recognised because they guide us and point out our coordinates and keep us on point, moving in the proper direction. Whatever task you undertake, whatever goal you aspire to, you'll encounter Golden Rules to guide you, you simply need to find them.

Here are the golden rules, the 5 best ones for choosing the <b>best Internet security software suite</b>.

Golden Rule # 1, obviously, check that it has an anti-malware component. The explanation for that is malicious software that enters your PC unnoticed can cause harm or result in you losing data or other sensitive data, like passwords etc stolen. Remember, internet security software should be able to detect malware (i.e. viruses, spyware) instantly and either remove or isolate them quickly.

Golden Rule # 2, a firewall is there to block unauthorised communication to or from the internet. This can affect you in the foreseeable future because if a 'trojan' does enter your system and locates your bank details say, the firewall will prevent the information leaving your system. It provides a second layer of security beside the antivirus features. Be sure and don't forget that if you have a router, this could already have a built in firewall. This might be adequate, but may not have the features and controls that internet security software firewalls provide.

Golden Rule # 3, anti-phishing software is a must for most people. Phishing is one of the most successful hacker tactics for extracting information or money from normally wary people. Why you will want to have this depends whether you can spot the difference between a legitimate email from, for example, your bank and one that merely looks similar to an email from your bank. Not spotting the difference could cost you your savings or identity - giving you a major headache to put matters right again.

Golden Rule # 4, anti-spam software is very useful if you rely on Microsoft Outlook or another email client. You may accomplish this by actually 'training' it to recognise which emails are junk and which aren't. It takes a little time, but the amount of spam emails landing in your inbox will drop.

Golden Rule # 5, a data backup feature is very handy, and is something that many people never think they will need. This can include, depending on the brand you purchase, online backup storage - essentially, your backup is stored 'offsite' by the software company and is safe from any disaster that may befall your house or office. It is important because it means that you can at least get your PC up and running again should your house burn down or be destroyed by earthquake!

When you follow these golden rules to choose the <i>best internet security software</i> suite, you'll find life easier for you, your progress speedier plus your successes more pronounced and frequent - purely because your PC is secure and safe from attack, because you did your homework and found the a good internet security software.