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Buying security software to protect your computer from threats on the internet can be quite a daunting task for the average home user. Luckily there are some decent internet security software review sites available but you need to be careful.

There are a number of software review sites on the internet but sometimes it is difficult to determine the ones you can trust. Affiliates use internet security software review sites to push products with high commission and questionable capability. This is not to say that all affiliates sites are untrustworthy. There are indeed some excellent affiliates sites.

Here are 5 tips to bear in mind when using a review site to help you determine the best product for you.

1. How did you get to the site - if you clicked on an advert or "sponsored result" then someone paying money for you click. This means they need to make a profit from the review so be wary of aggressive recommendations or sites with little content. Natural search results are more likely to give a better review especially if they appear on the first page. If the site appears on the first page of a search result then Google considers this site an "authority." This is not a perfect rule as search engine results can be manipulated too.

2. Recognize the site or author name - a review on the PC World Magazine website is likely to be trustworthy. However, do not ignore recommendation of other authors from people you know or from popular computer forums.

3. Look for recommendation consistency - never rely on one review to make you decision. Always read a couple of reviews and compare the recommendations. The best products should appear near or at the top on a number of reveiw sites.

4. Review content - the quality and depth of the review is a really important factor. Screen shots are good here as well so you can see the product's interface. A good, in-depth review will mention both strengths and weaknesses and you should get a good feel for the product's capabilities.

Most internet security software ratings and reviews you'll find online are written by customers. And a few others are written by comparison sites that highlight the features and tools.

These ratings and reviews play an important part in helping you find the right internet security software. And that's because they're based on customer experience; meaning you're likely to get the same level of protection when you use one of these security programs.

However, there's an even better way to finding the best internet security programs. And that's by reading ratings from experts who actually test these security programs. They carry out independent comparative tests of internet security and antivirus software programs. And they're widely recognised in the industry and are officially known as Test Labs.

There are about 5 reputable test labs and they are ICSA, West Coast Labs, Virus Bulletin, AV-Comparatives and AV-Test. And this is how these expert testers rate the following security programs:


BitDefender has been tested by Virus Bulletin and has been awarded a VB100% rating. This is the highest award they give and shows that it managed to detect 100% of 'viruses in the wild', without causing any false alarms. And this is one of the reasons BitDefender is considered one of the best internet security software programs.

Another expert rating agency that has tested and certified BitDefender is AV-Test. It's a Germany-based test lab which shows that BitDefender is the best at protecting against malware (malicious software).

BitDefender has also been certified by ICSA, an independent organisation that has set criteria for certifying firewalls. And BitDefender is one of the few programs that has been approved by ICSA and received certification.


Kaspersky is another leading internet security program that has been tested and certified by the leading test labs. It has received the VB100% rating for effective malware protection from viruses and other threats. And because of this, it has more than 120 companies licensed to use its antivirus solution in their products.

Other ratings from expert testers also show that it is one of the most effective at protection from all kinds of malware threats. It has received a positive rating for its anti-spyware solution. It shows that Kaspersky submitted its software for testing and passed the ICSA certification.

Not all internet security software programs submit their software for testing; and some that do actually fail the test. Its antivirus software also passed the test and received a high positive rating.


Webroot Internet Security has recently joined the list of leading security programs. And this is reflected in the positive ratings it has received from expert reviewers. Its antispyware program is the number one rated spyware removal program. And it successfully prevents spyware, parasites, data miners, adware and other programs from changing your PC configuration.

Its antivirus software has received the VB100% rating from Virus Bulletin. And this shows that it caught all viruses through on-demand and on-access scanning. But no test results appear for Webroot on the West Coast Labs site, although its standalone Webroot Antivirus and Spy Sweeper did receive the certification; and it's a major part of the internet security suite.


The advantage in reading expert ratings above other ratings and reviews is that you get an unbiased assessment of the software. And this will be specific information on how the internet security software dealt with malware threats.

Most other reviews and ratings are biased and some are written by customers who have little experience using security software. And then there are comparison sites that want to make a quick buck - so you should be careful.