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The common cold is probably one of the better known viruses to hit the human population. Despite various attempts to weed it out of existence, it continues to stuff up noses and tickle throats at every opportunity. As the computing environment move from dumb terminals to thin and fat clients, these devices in the hands of end users become empowered due to applications installed within. By transferring a load of responsibility from server to client, risks in terms of viruses also make themselves seen, heard and felt in the lives of unsuspecting users.

Since a phone is no longer a device to make calls and SMS, smart phones make a debut as the next best thing to electric typewriters. Able to do a myriad of actions, these devices come with strings attached. Mobile antivirus is fast becoming a staple in every phone owner's portfolio of applications as it serves as a shield against wily intruders. Taking the forms of worms, Trojans and other unassuming likeness, these invaders seek to wreck havoc within one's address book and calendar.

As simple as the doctor's order to take two aspirins and go to bed, the average user is offered a choice of selections to download into his or her phone. Although the task promises to be friendly to the average Joe and Jane, one still needs to select the suitable platform as well as a version compatible to one's device. Failing to do so may entail a worse fate than a virus attack as an incompatible mobile antivirus is thus treated as a potential virus. Upon jumping from the frying pan into the fire, life proves to be cynical regardless of status.

To ensure one is well protected, smart phone manufacturers and sellers are able to point one in the right direction. At a small service fee, they may install a free antivirus on the owner's behalf.