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Not many people are aware they can protect their mobile phone with antivirus software. And that's partly because antivirus software is associated with computers and protecting them from online threats. But things have changed these last few years, and mobile phone security is now a hot topic in the security industry and press.

Mobile phones now pretty much do everything that computers do. And that includes going online, shopping, banking, paying bills, sending emails, reading spreadsheets and many other tasks. And this is made a lot easier with smartphones which have larger screens, faster processing speeds, operating systems and a host of other features and tools that allow for easy internet access. And the addition of apps on iPhone and Android phones has revolutionised the Mobile world and brought the personal computer to near extinction.

But Smartphones have brought with them a new set of threats. And some of these threats are run by seemingly genuine companies that fleece millions of customers each year.

Mobile Phone Threats

A common and rising threat is rogue app downloads. These programs charge you a small fee to download the app to your Smartphone and they compromise your handset security. So they study all your online activity and steal your personal information like bank details, usernames and passwords.

Recent research by Get Safe Online shows that 17% of Smartphone users now use their devices to manage their money and this doesn't escape the notice of criminals. And research by AVG shows that a fifth of Smartphone users download new apps at least once a month. And all this activity is driving cyberbrooks to target Mobile users.

Smartphones are now widely used for social networking and users can use these services wherever they are. So many of the threats that affect PC users who use social sites also now affect Mobile users and many have fallen victim to phishing attacks.

Mobile Phone Security Software

Mobile Phone security is essential and you should download a good mobile phone antivirus software program. We recommend you go for Kaspersky Mobile Security which protects your mobile privacy and now works with Android and Blackberry Smartphones.

Kaspersky is a leading security firm with a good track record of protecting PCs, Macs, mobile phones and corporate systems. And it offers multiple protection services for very low prices.

With Kaspersky Mobile Security you get protection as you make calls, send SMSs, surf the web and communicate via Social sites every day. So it basically protects everything you do on your own and keeps your private life, private.

It has many other good features; and one of them is the ability to locate a lost or stolen Smartphone. It does this through its in-built GPS Find function that locates its precise location.

It also has Parental Controls which you use to restrict your children's calls and text messages and keep track of their whereabouts using the GPS Find feature.


Besides mobile phone antivirus software, we recommend you take other steps like:

  1. Turning off your mobile phone when you aren't using it to stop hackers from accessing it.
  2. Never use a free Wi-Fi spot that's not secure. This could be used by hackers to access your Smartphone
  3. Check your battery regularly to ensure it's not draining faster than normal. If it is, then it's a sign that something malicious is running in the background.