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An Antivirus firewall software is one of the most important software's for your computer. It is very important that you get yourself a reliable and efficient security system which will keep your information safe from a number of threats online. There many companies nowadays which offer top of the line security software's for your PC. The internet has now made the choosing process much easier with reviews and testing which help you select the best antivirus software possible.

The best antivirus firewall software is one that does its work efficiently without bogging your computer down. For this purpose it is important for you to check the system requirements before you buy one. If you're running Windows XP or Windows 7 operating software's it most likely that most new products would be compatible with your computer. If you have an old computer, an antivirus software can take up a lot of space which will slow your computer down. Most reviews sites have a comparison chart of all these security products with their system requirements and other features. It is also very important that your software has the ability to update constantly.

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Maintaining your devices is essential to keep them running smoothly and securely, but sometimes you just don't remember what tasks are necessary. Use a checklist to help you keep a safe and problem-free device.

Beware what you share on social media. Could someone find the answers to your security questions (birthdate and town, mother's maiden name, model of your first car, name of your grade school)? Choose security questions with hard-to-guess answers, or use answers that don't match the question.

Lock your phone with a strong passcode to protect personal information like email accounts, contacts, calendar, bank information, social media, etc. Use a cable lock and strong password to secure computers and other equipment.